Bounce Back
Bounce Back

The year was Sunday February 5th 2017. I was at home and had a few people over to the house to watch a great event. This event happens every year. We was at our house to watch what we thought would be history in the making for us. But God has a strange way of doing things. What took place was the Atlanta Falcons were playing the New England Patriots in the Superbowl. The Falcons had a 28-3 lead and it looked like the Patriots would lose however the Patriots took their time and bounced back to ensure they wouldn’t lose that game to capture another superbowl. You see dear brothers and sisters I believe God is calling someone reading this to bounce back while it seems like they are losing. This is important because when I researched the previous year the patriots didn’t do as well as they expected but they bounced back to win. Dear brothers and sisters someone seems like they are having a losing season but I believe God is setting you up to bounce back.

You’re being propelled into my promotion; you’re springing forward to your destiny. You’re going, higher with the LORD!! You’re reversing this thing on the devil. You’re not going down, you’re going up because you’re Bouncing Back.

David bounced back after adultery

Daniel bounced back after the Lion’s Den

Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego bounced back after the fiery furnace.

Jacob bounced back after wrestling with the angel.

Noah bounced back after the flood.

Abraham bounced back after offering Isaac.

Paul bounced back after shipwreck and imprisonment

Jesus bounced back after being put in the grave.

                        Dear brothers and sister……..

You can bounce back after losing a loved one

You can bounce back from cancer diagnosis

You can bounce back after divorce.

You can bounce back after financial difficulties

You can bounce back after battling drugs and alcohol.

You can bounce back after fighting depression.


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