Called to be Great
Called to be Great

In Judges Chapter 6 there is this story about a man named Gideon. The thing that I like about the life of Gideon is that his life resembles the life of so many people in this present day and age. Gideon grew up in a home that didn’t teach the bible or biblical principles. He didn’t go to church on a weekly basis. He didn’t attend small group classes. He wasn’t at praise team rehearsal. Not only that Gideon grew up in a home where his parents wanted him to be one thing but he had dreams of being something else. Gideon grew up in a home where he was overlooked or didn’t meet certain qualifications.

Even though he didn’t go to church, didn’t attend small groups, wasn’t a giver, God still called this man to do great things. You see dear brothers and sisters even though your parents didn’t make God a priority, even though your path was charted for a different direction, and even though it looks like you don’t meet the qualifications, please understand that God has called you to be Great.

Life might not want you to be great, your friends, might not want you to be great, you might not have wanted to be great but I’m letting you guys know that God has called you to be great. If God has called me to be great and if God has called someone here to be great well we might as well be what God has called us to be and that’s great.

What intrigued me about the life of Gideon is something happen to him that changed his perspective in order for him to be successful at the next level. Gideon lived during a time where he, his family, and his people began to be persecuted by Midianites. As a result of this persecution (discrimination) Gideon had to hide to avoid conflict as well as to be productive. While he was hiding from the Midianites, God called him brave. In the midst of him taking on the inferiority mentality God called this man a “mighty warrior”. Isn’t that amazing? God didn’t call him what he was God called him what he shall be. When God declared Gideon to be a mighty warrior, Gideon took on that mindset and became a great warrior and representative for the kingdom of God. Do you know what God is calling you? If so are you taking on that mindset? Find out what God is calling you and your life will never be the same again.



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