It's Worth It
It's Worth It

In Ezekiel 37:1-6, God asks Ezekiel can these bones live and Ezekiel responds to God saying only you know. In other words to me Ezekiel was saying to God, "I don’t know and I don’t know if I care and not only that, now I’m wondering is it worth it for these bones to live".

Have you ever asked yourself at some point in your life, “Is it worth it?”

Is this job still worth it?

Is this marriage still worth it?

Is raising these kids still worth it?

Is coming to church and believing in God still worth it?

Is living this life still worth it?

Ezekiel is asking the same question that someone is asking today or has asked in the past. But what I want you to know today that it’s worth it. God will never ask a question on point anything out if it can't be done.

It's still worth it because of the Gospel of grace. It's still worth it because Jesus Christ died on the cross so they can have life more abundantly. It's not only worth it because Jesus Christ rose again from the dead to save all who will come to Him. It is still worth it because there is hope, love, life and salvation in Jesus Christ. 

I want you to know that it's still worth it and that God loves and if you take God at His word and speak to a dead situation it will be worth it in the end.  Stay encouraged and remember to Live Courageously

A. J. Freeman, Jr.


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