Passing the Vision Test
Passing the Vision Test

Take a few moments to read Luke 4:1-13. Here is Jesus minding his own business. In my mind He receives a phone call, he looks at the phone and the caller id says Satan. So he does what most of us who receives a call from the devil would do, he doesn’t answer. A minute later the phone vibrates Jesus looks at it and it’s a text message from the devil saying, “I know you see me calling you”. Jesus in my mind does what any other person getting a message from the Devil he ignores it. Then a few minutes later his phone makes a beeping sound, he looks at it and it’s a Facebook message from the devil saying, “I know you saw me calling you, I know you saw my message, I really really want to talk some things over with you”. After all of this Jesus finally agrees to meet the devil. The bible say’s he was led by the spirit to deal with this situation.

It’s important to understand that some people will stop at nothing to bring you down. There are some people will do whatever they can to make sure your life is miserable. I remember when we opened up downtown that somebody put graffiti on our building. We didn’t really press charges however we knew the devil wasn’t happy about what we was doing.

You see dear brothers and sisters the bible says, in John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

This is important brothers and sisters because you need to realize the devil isn’t anything to play with. I know there might be all kinds of levels of belief systems but you need to understand there are some people who don’t want to see you become successful and reach the full potential God has desired for you to reach.  

The devil didn't want Jesus to be successful and gave Him three tests to pass which I also believe will be three tests that we have to pass. 

Passing the Test of Doubt:

The devil will confuse you and make you question things.

He knew Jesus was God's Son. He didn't say if You are the Son of God because he didn't know; he knew exactly who Jesus was and he knew He was God's Son. But Satan always likes to start by planting the seed of doubt. And if you can doubt your relationship to God and if you begin to question God's relationship to you then maybe you'll act as if you had none.

Passing the Test of Drought

The devil will get you to compromise your form of worship. Don’t worship the gift but the giver of the gifts. Don’t worship your talents but the giver of your talents. Don’t worship skills but the giver of your skills. The devil was trying to make Jesus compromise his worship in order to obtain external things. What the devil will try to do is make you look at what you don’t have as to have you thinking you need to compromise to get more.

Passing the Test of Distractions

Notice what the devil tries to get Jesus to do. The devil is cunning. The devil is not just trying to get Jesus to rebel against the command of God, he is also trying to get more angels distracted from doing what they are supposed to be doing. Be careful dear brothers and sisters of people who try to convince you and others to do things outside of the command of God.


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