Reasons your relationship might suck
Reasons your relationship might suck

Point 1 Relationships suck when people are unbalanced

What you will see in this passage of scripture and Paul realized that one of the problems in the church at Corinth, was that they operated in many spiritual gifts. But they were not walking in love. God was more interested in them coming to the place where they loved one another like He loved them. This church was unbalanced as they focused heavy on the flashy stuff but not the details.  They loved the idea of going to being a Christian but didn’t like the like the requirements to maintain a healthy relationship.  For some of our relationships we love our mates but we don’t like them and we don’t like the requirements to stay in them. 

Point 2 Relationships suck when people are unwilling

Then Paul takes things a step further and tells the church of Corinth the characteristics of love and the ways that you show people that you love them.  Paul shows us the many sides of true, godly love. Paul is teaching these people in these verses that love is distinct from, and superior to, anything we can be or do! Regardless of what we do, if it is not infused with, the love of God, it is a colossal waste of time.

Jesus was willing to not only die but he was willing to get back up again.  Are you willing to do things within limits to have a great relationship with your mate?  One of the things I say in almost every counseling sessions is that you can’t change a person, they have to change on their own for you.

Point 3 Relationships suck when people are unhealed

Dear brothers and sisters in essence from my point of view this passage of scripture is saying that when a person has grown up they are healthy.  When you stop living (I’m not talking about visiting but living) in the past thats when you know you are healed.  When you’ve dealt with the trama of being abused, when you’ve dealt with the trama of being raped, when you’ve dealt with the trama of your mother not knowing how to parent you, when you’ve dealt with the trama of poppa being a rolling stone, when you’ve dealt the with trama of raising yourself or your sibling because you lost your parents at a young age, when you’ve dealt with trama of your past dear brothers and sister you are healthy and you are not lifing as if you. 

Paul says that at some point he was able to move forward in life to become the person that he is today.


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