True love
True love

One of the books of the bible that gives us a lot of enlightenment in the area of love is Song of Solomon. On your own time read Chapter 5 but here are a few things I noticed from this particular chapter.


The first thing is noticed is “True Love” teaches is it stops trying to be a “playa”. “True love” recognizes it has something genuine and something special so it is willing to let others go. Even though you and those others had a good time, when you found “True Love” you are willing to move on. In Song of Solomon Chapter 5 verse 2 the man describes his woman as his friend, companion, and lover. “True Love” recognizes that one person can be all of these things, instead of having a different person for each to meet each of those needs. Ask God to help you find that one person who can be all of these things, or help the one you’re with become all of them so you can stop being a playa.


Secondly, “True Love” also recognizes that being in love or having someone to love you is a blessing. In verse 6 the woman gets up to open her door and when she gets there her lover is gone. When I read this I was like wow, in the blink of an eye the person you love can be gone and enjoying life with someone else because we will not stop playing games. When we find “True Love” appreciate that person before they find another person that is willing to appreciate them.


Ask yourself are you routinely showing the person you love that you appreciate them? I have said to the church on many occasions, at a minimum we should do something special for the one they love once “a quarter”.


Lastly “True Love” sees the best in a person. The woman in the final verses of chapter 5 described the best qualities of her lover and not the worst. He has flaws but she didn’t make it known publicly. This is important because Jesus treats us this way, he sees past our flaws and weaknesses.   Ask yourself are you willing to love this person even if they are loud, can’t manage money, gain weight, can’t cook, occasionally get on your nerves, etc.?


Remember when it comes to “True Love” stop trying to be a playa, treat it right or it could be gone, and lastly see the best in your true love.


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